When to take a break.

Most of our dyslexic clients work with us for somewhere between 18 months and 2.5 years.  We generally see a child twice a week for 50 minute sessions during the school year.  As we approach summer, I’m often asked if it’s a good idea to take a break. There is not a blanket answer to this questions and summer is not always the best time for a break.  Here are some things to take into considering when thinking of a break:

  • What signs is your child giving you? 

    • It’s boring: probably means it just got challenging.

    • I don’t like it: probably means she doesn’t like the idea of it rather than the experience itself.

  • What is the opinion of your child’s learning specialist.  The learning specialist can give you a good indicator of what your child’s attitude and stamina is like during sessions.  Sometimes children battle their parents right up to the door of our office and tell parents it was the worst experience ever after they leave, but in reality, the sessions are going really well.

  • If your child is particularly young, shorter sessions may make more sense than a break.

  • Consider the time of year.  Momentum is generally high at the beginning of the school year and tends to dip in January, March and April as we enter the backside of different holidays and school breaks. 

  • Is your child one to backslide with skills not practiced?  Most kids are, but some struggle with this more than others. If your child falls into the latter category, then a break is probably not a good idea.

  • How long has your child been receiving intervention?  If it’s less than a year, a break is probably not warranted.

  • Especially when considering a summer break, look at options for mini-breaks such as taking June off, doing more intensive work in July and then picking up again just before school starts.

We know dyslexia intervention is challenging and not always linear in its progress.  If you’re wondering if your child might need a break, let us know and we will happily go through your options.