Aright moms raising ADHD children, you know EXACTLY what I mean. We love our children but there are those moments when it takes all our strength not to lose it. This morning was one of those mornings.

My girl's hair is like this EVERY morning, and EVERY morning we battle the tangles. We've tried every detangler spray, comb, conditioner, bedtime hair prep you can imagine, but this (what you see in the pic) is generally what we deal with each morning. So we battle through the tangles. She has refused to learn to brush her hair herself and I have chosen to fight this battle.

❤️ADHD LESSON: Choose your battles, mom.

She SCREAMS and CRIES as if she is loosing a limb EVERY time I brush her hair. I know her ADHD is causing her outsized reaction.

❤️ADHD LESSON: ADHD emotional reactions don't always match the event, and you can't stop it in the moment.

We have talked through this issue, agreed upon consequences, made deals, negotiated timelines and made plans for success...for a few years!

❤️ADHD LESSON: Try to be logical. Make a plan to manage behavior.

I have followed through on everything, and yet, here we are. She is 9, we are in a battle-rut. It's time for drastic measures.

❤️ADHD LESSON: Sometimes you need to be extreme to move forward.

She will have her hair cut short. To say she is not happy about this would be a significant understatement.

It's a different process, raising a child with ADHD. It's hard.