Food is yet another (not only) tool for ADHD management. So here's my Top Ten ADHD Food Guidelines for Kids. You can print the list through a link at the bottom.

Before the list...a few caveats:
🌀ADHD is f-ing complicated! So this list is not about curing anything.
🌀Always check with your doctor about making significant changes in your child's diet.
🌀I could do a whole post on every element on the list...hmmm...stay tuned...

  1. PROTEIN At least 25% of every meal. Meat, fish, broccoli, leafy greens, legumes are all good sources.

  2. SUGAR Limit it to naturally occurring sugars from fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

  3. FISH OIL 2.5mg/day (for children) from fatty-fish, dark green veggies, walnuts, cashews or flaxseed.

  4. SIMPLE/PROCESSED CARBS Limit foods like white breads, juices, jams/jellies to avoid sugar spikes/drops.

  5. COMPLEX CARBS Mix them with protein and fiber at each meal. Get it from whole grains, potatoes, corn and legumes.

  6. FIBER Get it from veggies or whole grains each day. Child’s age + 5 grams/day is recommended.

  7. IRON + VIT. C - DAIRY Eat meat, veggies or legumes with high vit. C fruits but without dairy to maximize absorption.

  8. ZINC/MAGNESIUM Best sources are meat, dairy, nuts. Carefully note recommended daily allowances for different ages. You can over do this one.

  9. 5-10 INGREDIENT BOXES If you need to go to a box for a meal, look for ones with 5-10 KNOWN ingredients or less.

  10. MICHAEL POLLEN'S RULE: Eat (real) food, mostly plants, not too much and eat local. @michael.pollen check him out if you haven't already.

Download a pretty version of this list at


What's your favorite go-to ADHD friendly meal?

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