We are excited to now offer services for gifted and 2E learners.

Perhaps the most misunderstood and underserved segment of the “exceptional learner” population, our work with Gifted and 2E clients includes the same attention to the unique academic and emotional needs of these learners.


Since Thinking Cap is a place for all exceptional learners, several of our clients fall into the categories of Gifted, or Twice-exceptional (2E) when it comes to learning. Until recently, we only approached these clients from the perspective of their learning deficit, but now we are expanding our services to the gifted part of our clients’ learning profiles.


Thinking Cap is working on creating gifted acceleration groups.  Through an open ended group project, students have a chance to experience instruction and learning entirely at their level of acceleration. Instruction will be administered by learning specialists with specific understanding of the academic, social and emotional needs of this population.

If you are interested in helping us shape the creation of our acceleration groups, contact us and let us knowWe are forming a parent advisory board to help us create the best programing possible.

The pilot Gifted Group will run March 25-29, 2019. Go to our Camps and Classes page to register.

Not quite sure if gifted and 2E services are the right choice? 

We are happy to meet with you for a free consultation to help you determine the right support for your child. If we don’t seem like a good fit, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.