Our full psycho-educational assessment results in a robust learning profile of the student as well as a multitude of recommendations for teachers, parents and our Thinking Cap Learning Specialists to best serve your child.


There are several different kinds of academic assessments. Thinking Cap offers a full psycho-educational assessment as a stand alone service or as a starting point for our one-on-one services. See below for a comparison of different assessment types.

Our assessment process begins with a free initial consultation with parents to determine the outcomes that are desired as well as a more detailed description of the assessments we use. The assessment is generally about a six-hour process, but we break it down into two or three hour sessions on consecutive days. After the assessment sessions are complete, we score and analyze the results and create a detailed report of our findings. The final report is generally available one month after the last assessment session and is presented in a parent meeting.

For families who are hoping to use our assessment to request services in a public school or are pursuing a diagnosis of a learning disability, we work in collaboration with a local psychologist.

A full psycho-educational assessment is often the starting point for our work with children, though we do not require full psycho-educational assessment to begin services. For students who have already completed some level of assessment through a school district or with another professional, we will determine what more we may need in the initial consultation.


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Not sure what the right assessment choice is? 

We are happy to arrange a free consultation to help you better understand your assessment options.  We’ll even tell you if Thinking cap is not the right choice and point you in the right direction