Families who have a child with ADHD have unique parenting challenges from behavior management to school support to questions of medication and so much more. We can help.


Begin with our ADHD Master Class.  The course focuses on helping you understand ADHD from a neurobiological perspective as well as learn the best practices for managing ADHD in children.  The introductory course is divided into 8-90 minute sessions and can be completed one-on-one or with up to six other people.


Module 1: ADHD 101

  • Definitions, Neurology, Myths and Symptoms

  • Medications and Complementary Interventions

Module 2: Behavior is Communication

  • Identifying the meaning behind difficult behaviors

  • Parenting Self-Reflection

Module 3: Behavior Change Planning

  • Step-by-Step behavior change plan

  • Behavior change work session

Module 4: ADHD at School

  • IEP’s and 504 plans

  • Working with your child’s school

After you complete the introductory course, we create a customized plan to coach you through further implementation of the behavior change process.

Not sure if ADHD Parent Coaching is really what you need? 

We are happy to arrange a free consultation to help you better understand our offerings.  If we don’t seem like the right fit, we’ll help point you in the right direction.